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The big unanswered question from the health care debacle

As everyone knows, last week legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act – aka “ObamaCare” went down in a stunning defeat.   This shocked the political world as getting rid of Obamacare it has been the avowed goal of of the Republicans – almost their “raison d’etre” (reason for being) for the past seven years .  On top of that, President Trump had made it his top priority, pledging to have the act repealed some 64  and even promised to deliver a full repeal of Obamacare  “On day one of the Trump Administration”.

HP accussed of “purging” older workers

In what has been increasingly common, another Silicon Valley tech industry giant has been charged with age discrimination and a company wide “purge” of older workers.   The San Jose Mercury News reported that four former employees filed a complaint August 18th in the U.S. District Court in San Jose, alleging the Palo Alto-based company’s goal for layoffs was “to make the company younger.”
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