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The City of San Francisco to create a “Gig Taskforce”

The City of San Francisco will create a “Gig Taskforce” within the City’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) that will be charged with providing administrative and policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and Mayor to help gig workers and the gig economy.

According to results of a study the City conducted on the gig workforce, the use of online platforms and the gig economy is growing rapidly in San Francisco and approximately 5% of San Francisco residents are generating some source of income from the gig economy.  In a press release. Supervisor Mark Farrell framed the issue this way:
“The ‘Gig Economy’ is a growing part of our workforce in San Francisco, and I believe we need to get in front of the issue and understand all of the implications for our City,” stated Supervisor Farrell. “Long gone are the days of working for a single company for forty years before retiring — our workforce is more nimble than ever before, and our policies should reflect this changing reality.”
The announcement said that the City’s internal “Gig Taskforce” will work with workers in the gig workforce, the self-employed, gig platforms, and other thought leaders “to gain a holistic vision of the new landscape this segment of our economy and workforce faces”.  They plan to periodically put forth policy and program recommendations for supporting gig workers and the self-employed, “establishing San Francisco as a leader in this space and ensuring that this 21st century workforce has support and access to services that they require.”
Along with the press release, as part of this announcement, the San Francisco board of supervisors released a report on this trend titled “The Gig Economy in San Francisco:  Prevalence, Growth, and Implications
Updated: January 21, 2017 — 8:43 pm

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